Day Trippin’ – Cerro Punta

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Latitude Adjustment

New Year’s resolutions are so tiresome, aren’t they? More often than not, they’re about punishing yourself for last year’s behavior. “I ate too much last year – gotta lose weight.” “I drank too much – time to cut back.” (We’re working our way through an alcohol-free January, but that’s another story.) So instead of resolutions, we have a wish list for 2016. It’s all of the fun things we never got around to last year, and all of the fun things we want to plan for this year. The operative word here is FUN.

At the top of our wish list is to explore more of the wonders that are right here in our Panamanian back yard;  in particular, places we can get to in a couple of hours. For our first day trip of 2016 on Jan. 2, we ventured up to Cerro Punta, a corregimiento (subdistrict) of Chiriqui Province that is known as…

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