A Rant on The State of the Middle Class and Retirement

GREAT, Informative, Thought Provoking Article – THANKS for the Insight and the Wonderful Panama Adventure

The Panama Adventure

I think it is common knowledge that many people are going to have a hard time affording a comfortable retirement, and we all know people who plan to work until they drop because they feel they have no other choice. Joel came across an article recently – Middle-Class Americans Living With Regret About Retirement Savings  One line jumped out at me

In a new survey question added this year, 22 percent said they would rather “die early” than live without enough money for a comfortable retirement. 

More than one in five people are afraid they will be so poor that the time will come when life isn’t worth living. What a sad statement.

I can quote more statistics and link to more articles but I don’t think we need convincing that many people are going to retire with less than they think they need, or won’t retire at all. What does…

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XII Festival de Carretas, La Cultura y El Folklore de Pedasí

Muy Bueno, Great Photos from Panama

Our Third Life-Pedasi, Panama

Yesterday Mikkel and I attended for the 2nd year in a row the “Desfile de Carretas” (Parade of Carts). It is a 2-day celebration, and although we were unable to attend Friday’s festivities, it is one of the traditional events we really enjoy. The town of Pedasí comes together to share it’s culture and history of oxen-drawn carts of the past, dress, and music. There is even a bull-run at the cumination of the parade. This year, the crown for the queen, Miss Pedasí, went to a young Austrailian, Lucy Carolin Pollard, exhibiting the assimilation of foreigners to the community.

Instead of writing a lot, pictures say a thousand words. My iphone camera seemed not to be working properly for most of the many pictures I took, so thanks to several of my FaceBook friends, I am able to share this story in a combination of pictures.

Trying to stay out of the sun while watching the parade. Trying to stay…

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Macho de Monte, revisted

Fantastic !!!

The Panama Adventure

Macho de Monte is an amazing river canyon near Cuesta Piedra, a town between Conception and Volcan.  I met up with a bunch of Boquete expats near Dolega so we could drive to Volcan together, and I was thrilled when they stopped at Macho de Monte because I really wanted to visit it again.

It is rainy season now which helped us. The last time I visited there were steep sand banks and it looked impossible to climb down to the mouth of the canyon. This time however, rains had washed channels into the sand banks exposing some rocks which gave enough footing to climb down.

It takes a bit of climbing down a steep sandy hill and then clambering over a lot of rocks and boulders, getting your feet wet at times, but the reward at the end is so worth it! The river is rushing below these huge…

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