Motmots and Tutarones, a bit of Panama Wildlife

Panama Wildlife not exactly New York City BUT my type of Living

The Panama Adventure

We see so many birds here! A frequent visitor and one of my favorites is the Blue-Crowned Motmot. They are a bit larger than most of the yard visitors, very quiet, and usually visit singly or in pairs. Like all the birds here, they love papayas.

It’s summer and dry season, and something interesting has returned. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. At sundown a whistling starts in the woods. The local folks call them tutarones. I believe they are a kind of cicadas, though I can’t find any information on line. I’m very curious to learn more about them.

This is a video with nothing to see but a view of the woods by our house, but turn up the sound so you can hear the whistling, and also some bird calls. There’s always something new and interesting around here!

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