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Investigative Update Regarding the Deadly Attack on Police Officers

DPD Beat

The following is an update on the progress of the investigation:

At this time, detectives have interviewed over 200 officers and it appears at least 12 officers discharged their duty weapons.

Resources from various federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies such as the Bureau of  Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshals, Homeland Security Investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, Dallas Area Rapid Transit,  Dallas County District Attorney’s Office,  and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department are all assisting with the investigation and the processing of evidence and  crime scene locations.  Portions of the crime scene locations in the downtown area will remain closed to the public until Wednesday. 

The deceased suspect has been identified as Micah Johnson, B/M/25.  The suspect has no criminal history.   Information   provided through the course of the investigation, indicates that the suspect was an Army veteran  …

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Day Trippin’ – Cerro Punta

Love IT, Thank You 🙂

Latitude Adjustment

New Year’s resolutions are so tiresome, aren’t they? More often than not, they’re about punishing yourself for last year’s behavior. “I ate too much last year – gotta lose weight.” “I drank too much – time to cut back.” (We’re working our way through an alcohol-free January, but that’s another story.) So instead of resolutions, we have a wish list for 2016. It’s all of the fun things we never got around to last year, and all of the fun things we want to plan for this year. The operative word here is FUN.

At the top of our wish list is to explore more of the wonders that are right here in our Panamanian back yard;  in particular, places we can get to in a couple of hours. For our first day trip of 2016 on Jan. 2, we ventured up to Cerro Punta, a corregimiento (subdistrict) of Chiriqui Province that is known as…

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Bocas del Toro Getaway

Reposted for the Beautiful Photos, Wish I was there

Latitude Adjustment

mapa-de-bocas_0001 Credit: http://www.bocasdeltoro.com

Like all travelers, we have a bucket list – hike the Camino de Compostela de Santiago in Spain, backpack through Southeast Asia, eat and drink our way through Italy, visit every country in South America, and set foot on every continent on the planet. And that’s just a start! But after six months in Panama, we’re beginning to realize we’ve just scratched the surface of everything to see in this amazing country. Now we can tick off one more item on our Panama bucket list: Bocas del Toro.

Bocas is an island archipelago on the Carribbean (northern) coast of Panama. It’s a three-hour drive from Boquete through an incredibly scenic mountain range (think Switzerland, only tropical), but culturally it’s a world apart. Everything about Bocas reflects this: the breezy architecture, the Afro-Caribbean heritage of so many of the people, and the brilliant splashes of color everywhere you look. Although Spanish is of course the…

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Good site for David weather information

Great Info for Trip Planning


Found a site that answers many weather related questions one might have about David like “what’s the average temperature, humidity or rainfall”.

I like the layout better on the site but I cut and pasted it here for quick reference.                                David weather

[ °C ]   °F
Average Temperature
Years on Record: 47 Chart This
F 80.7 80.5 82.1 83.3 82.9 81.3 80.6 80.3 80.1 79.8 79.3 79.3 79.6
Average High Temperature
Years on Record: 47 Chart This
F 96.1 98.2 99.1 99.5 100.4 97.5 96.1 95.7 94.1 92.1 91.8 93.2 95.4
Average Low Temperature
Years on Record: 47 Chart This

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Casitas for Rent in Cuesta de Piedra

Affordable Accommodations while Exploring or just Relaxing in Panama

The Panama Adventure

Recently there have been some people looking for short term rentals, so I posted about a house sharing possibility #1, and the house sharing possibility #2, and here are a couple casitas for short term or long term rental.

Cuesta de Piedra is a small town between Concepción and Volcan. A Google Map will help you find it. It is at a higher elevation and cooler than David and the towns along the highway. The area is mostly farms and a lot of dairy cattle, and it’s really beautiful. The casitas are on Cedo’s property, and behind them is her farm. The farm has dairy cattle, pigs, chickens, and some plant crops for personal use. There is a caretaker and his family who live on the farm and do the daily work.

The bigger casita was a restaurant in the past. Now it has been turned back in to a…

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